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Among all of the latest machines on the market, telehandlers (telescopic handlers) provide an invaluable and versatile lifting machine option that can help with moving materials in a huge range of situations.

Whether a telehandler is using a fork attachment or a different kind of lifting system altogether, these machines can be a flexible choice in a wide range of industries.

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At Telehandler Hire, we understand how to get clients the machines they need, looking into all of our telescopic handler vehicle options to find something suitable for your situation.

Perfect for moving materials and equipment, our Hoylake telescopic handlers are some of the best machines on the market when it comes to lifting heavy items in a safe and controlled way.

No matter your business niche or industry, we can provide a telehandler that works perfectly for your needs.

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Who Are We?

We at Telehandler Hire are a team of telehandler hire specialists in Hoylake that can provide a range of specialist machine hire options.

Whether you are looking for the latest machines on the market or something highly specific, our experts can make sure that you get it with minimal effort.

Why Choose Us for Your Telehandler Hire?

We understand the telehandler market and can provide all of the best machines available from November 2022 onwards at a fair and reasonable price.

We aim for maximum quality in every part of our work, from the telehandler itself to the delivery we arrange.

In the past, we have been able to work with clients of all sizes and niches, providing the telehandler hire and post-hire support they need to get the latest machines that can suit their situation.

Over 15 Years Experience in Telehandler Hire

With over 15 years of total experience in the telehandler hire niche and countless machines already hired out dozens of times, we have a strong understanding of the telescopic handler market.

We also know a lot about the telescopic handler machines themselves and can double-check everything from safety limits to specific hire requirements that might be relevant to your situation.

Accredited Telehandler Hire Company Hoylake

We operate with a range of formal certifications under our belt, many of which come from our excellent hire system.

We aim to provide high-quality telescopic handler hire services that can suit any industry, working with each client individually to get the right result.

Our telehandler options are all properly tested and approved for use in various fields, whether that is warehouse work or construction.

We make absolutely sure that we are providing our clients with the best possible service options and support.

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What is a Telehandler?

A telehandler, or telescopic handler, is a lifting machine used to help transport materials and heavy equipment around reliably.

Using various attachments, they can lift a wide range of items and material choices to transport them to other locations.

As a more versatile vehicle, a telescopic handler can be more practical than using a forklift truck in a range of situations.

The common types of different attachments (forks, buckets, etc.) can all serve valuable roles within any industrial or storage-focused workplace.

The Base

A telehandler is effectively made up of three parts, with the base being the main body. Larger bases are stronger, but most possess 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering.

The Boom

The boom is the “neck” of the telehandler. These can also range in length, but they are designed to reach further than forklifts can while also squeezing into more awkward spaces or smaller areas.

The Tool

The end of the boom often holds a tool attachment, such as a fork or bucket.

These various attachments allow a single telescopic handler to serve a range of roles depending on the situation, requiring only a quick swap-out.

Our Telehandlers

JCB 516-402m1,600kg19kW
JCB 520-404.0m2,000kg19kW
JCB 525-606.0m2,500kg55kW
JCB 525-60E6.0m2,500kg24kWh
JCB 531-707.0m3,100kg81kW
JCB 533-10510.22m3,300kg81kW
JCB 535-959.5m3,500kg81kW
JCB 535-12512.28m3,500kg81kW
JCB 540-14013.78m4,000kg81kW
JCB 540-17016.7m4,000kg81kW
JCB 540-18017.51m4,000kg81kW
JCB 540-20020m4,000kg81kW
JCB 541-707.0m4,100kg81kW
JCB 516-404m1,600kg24hp
JCB 520-404m2,000kg24hp
JCB 525-606m2,500kg74hp
JCB 560-807.9m6000kg97kW
Manitou MHT 1233011.92m33,000kg180kW
Manitou MT 4204.35m2,000kg42kW
Manitou MT 6255.85m2,500kg55.40kW
Manitou MT 7306.9m3,000kg54.60kW
Manitou MT 7336.9m3,300kg55.40kW
Manitou MT 9308.85m3,000kg54.60kW
Manitou MT 9339.07m3,300kg55kW
Manitou MT 10339.98m3,300kg55.40kW
Manitou MT 113511.05m3,500kg75kW
Manitou MT 133512.55m3,500kg75kW
Manitou MT 144013.53m4,000kg75kW
Manitou MT 184017.55m4,000kg75kW
Merlo P27.65.8m2721kg55kW
Merlo TF30.98.5m2993kg85kW
Merlo TF38.109.4m3810kg100kW
Merlo TF42.77.1m4173kg100kW
Merlo TF50.87.7m4989kg125kW
Merlo MF34.76.8m3401kg100kW
Merlo MF40.98.7m3991kg125kW
Merlo P50.1817.9m4989kg125kW
Merlo P65.149.0m6531kg125kW
Merlo P72.109.5m7166kg75kW
Merlo P120.109.7m12020kg125kW
Merlo P35.1110.9m3492kg55kW
Merlo P40.1312.4m3991kg55kW
Merlo P40.1716.5m3991kg55kW
Merlo Roto 40.1817.6m3991kg90kW
Merlo Roto 50.2121m4989kg55kW
Merlo Roto 70.2420.4m6985kg125kW
Merlo Roto 50.2622.8m4989kg55kW
Merlo Roto 50.3029.3m4989kg125kW
Merlo Roto 70.2828m6985kg125kW
Merlo Roto 50.3527m4989kg125kW
Genie GTH-55195.74m2,495kg55.4kW
Genie GTH-63610.97m2,722kg55.2kW
Genie GTH-84413.4m3,629kg73.8kW
Genie GTH-105617.25m4,536kg55kW
Genie GTH-125617.07m5,450kg99kW
Genie GTH-154413.41m6,804kg115kW
JLG G5-18A5.59m2500kg55kW
JLG 74212.8m3,175kg55kW
JLG 94313.11m4080kg83kW
JLG 104313.11m4,535kg83kW
JLG 105516.76m4535kg96kW
JLG 107522.86m4535kg119kW
JLG 125516.76m5443kg97kW
JLG 164413.28m7098kg100kW
JLG 173216.76m7599kg100kW
JLG 273310.08m12,065kg119kW
Magni RTH 4.1817.56m4,000kg55kW
Magni RTH 5.1817.56m4,999kg100kW
Magni RTH 5.2120.70m4,999kg100kW
Magni RTH 5.2322.80m4,999kg100kW
Magni RTH 5.2524.60m4,999kg100kW
Magni RTH 6.2120.80m6,000kg100kW
Magni RTH 6.2323.30m6,000kg100kW
Magni RTH 6.2525.00m6,000kg100kW
Magni RTH 7.2625.70m7,000kg160kW
Magni RTH 6.3029.90m6,000kg160kW
Magni RTH 6.3534.70m6,000kg160kW
Magni RTH 6.3938.90m6,000kg17kW
Magni RTH 6.4645.64m6,000kg175kW
Magni RTH 8.2524.90m8,000kg175kW
Magni RTH 13.2626.20m13,000kg175kW
Magni HTH 10.109.52m10,000kg100kW
Magni HTH 16.109.50m16,000kg160kW
Magni HTH 20.109.80m19,999kg160kW
Magni HTH 24.1110.50m24,000kg175kW
Magni HTH 27.1110.85m27,000kg175kW
Magni HTH 30.1211.72m30,000kg235kW
Magni HTH 35.1211.72m35,000kg235kW
Magni HTH 50.1414.00m50,000kg235kW
Magni TH 6.2019.20m6,000kg100kW
Magni TH 5.2423.90m4,999kg100kW
Magni Ricklift 1311.00m500kg45kW
Magni Ricklift 1512.95m800kg75kW
Magni Ricklift 1815.93m800kg75kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 30.76.35m3000kg79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 30.98.70m3000kg79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 32.98.70m3200kg79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 34.76.35m3400kg79.5kW
Dieci Agri Max 50.87.70m5000kg128kW
Dieci Agri Max 60.98.60m6000kg128kW
Dieci Agri Max 65.87.70m6500kg128kW
Dieci Agri Max 75.109.65m7500kg114kW
Dieci Agri Plus 40.109.60m4000kg114kW
Dieci Agri Plus 42.77.20m4200kg114kW
Dieci Agri Star 37.76.80m3700kg100kW
Dieci Agri Star 38.109.6m3800kg100kW
Dieci Agri Star 40.87.70m4000kg100kW
Dieci Mini Agri 20.44.35m2000kg37kW
Dieci Mini Agri 26.65.68m2600kg55kW
Dieci Apollo 20.4 Smart4.35m2000kg37kW
Dieci Apollo 26.65.68m2600kg55kW
Dieci Dedalus 30.7 GD6.35m3000kg55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 30.9 GD8.7m3000kg55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 32.9 GD8.7m3200kg55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 34.7 GD6.35m3400kg55.4kW
Dieci Hercules 100.109.5m10000kg128kW
Dieci Hercules 130.109.5m13000kg128kW
Dieci Hercules 190.1010.2m19000kg128kW
Dieci Hercules 210.1010.2m21000kg128kW
Dieci Hercules 230.1010.15m23000kg128kW
Dieci Icarus 40.14 GD13.4m4000kg85.1kW
Dieci Icarus 40.17 GD16.4m4000kg85.1kW
Dieci Icarus 50.18 GD17.8m5000kg85.1kW
Dieci Samson 50.8 Vs Evo2 GD7.7m5000kg128kW
Dieci Samson 60.9 Vs Evo2 GD8.6m6000kg128kW
Dieci Samson 65.8 Vs Evo2 GD7.7m6500kg128kW
Dieci Samson 75.10 GD9.65m7500kg114kW
Dieci Zeus 35.11 GD10.6m3500kg54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 38.10 GD9.6m3800kg54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 40.13 GD12.5m4000kg54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 40.8 GD7.6m4000kg54.6kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T604.7m2250kg54.6kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T705.2m3000kg85.9kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T805.2m3500kg107kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T905.7m4100kg114kW
Dieci Pegasus 40.1615.70m4000kg85.9kW
Dieci Pegasus 40.1818.00m4000kg85.9kW
Dieci Pegasus 45.3029.6m4500kg127kW
Dieci Pegasus 50.2524.10m5000kg100kW
Dieci Pegasus 50.2625.7m5000kg127kW
Dieci Pegasus 60.1616.20m6000kg100kW
Dieci Pegasus 60.2120.50m6000kg100kW
Bobcat TL26.605.8m2600kg75kW
Bobcat TL30.605.8m3000kg75kW
Bobcat TL35.706.8m3500kg75kW
Bobcat TL35.10510.2m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T35.105L10.2m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T36.120SL11.8m3600kg75kW
Bobcat T35.130S12.4m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T35.130SLP12.4m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T35.140S13.6m3500kg75kW
Bobcat T41.140SLP13.6m4100kg75kW
Bobcat T40.180SLP17.4m4000kg75kW
Bobcat TL34.65HF6.3m3400kg97kW
Bobcat TL38.70HF6.9m3500kg97kW
Bobcat TL43.80HF7.5m4300kg97kW
Bobcat TR40.180 Rotary17.6m4,000kg55kW
Bobcat TR50.180 Rotary17.6m4,999kg100kW
Bobcat TR50.210 Rotary20.5m4,999kg100kW
Bobcat TR50.250 Rotary24.6m4,999kg100kW
Bobcat TR60.210 Rotary20.8m6,000kg100kW
Bobcat TR60.250 Rotary25m6,000kg100kW
Bobcat TR70.260 Rotary25.7m7,000kg160kW
Bobcat TR60.300 Rotary29.8m6,000kg160kW
Bobcat TR60.350 Rotary34.9m6,000kg175kW
Bobcat TR60.390 Rotary38.9m6,000kg175kW

Telehandler Attachments

Telescopic handlers have a range of optional attachment choices, many of which are meant for specific roles or to work best in certain situations.

While some may seem very specialised, they are actually a core part of how you can use a telehandler well.

Choosing the right attachment for the job is important, and we can offer a range of attachment choices suitable for many different situations.

Carriage Attachments

Most telehandlers are equipped with a carriage attachment as a default option.

This is an effective way to move heavy pallets around, allowing the telehandler to be suitable for a huge range of transport requirements in warehouses or other storage facilities.

Standard Carriages

Regular carriage is a powerful choice of attachment for most scenarios.

Having a solid way to lift pallets of any size makes it very easy for the telescopic handler to move heavy loads, as well as makes it compatible with any existing pallet storage system you use.

This can make the telehandlers perfect for their primary job of acting as a transport tool.

They can reach a higher overall height than a forklift with a lot more precision, making it easy to transport materials to and from storage with minimal issues.

Tilting/Shifting Carriage

Telehandler machines can also get moving carriages, which use adjustable forks and carriage angles to provide even more precision when moving materials around.

These can be surprisingly powerful, acting like a versatile crane with a long reach and a lot of operator control.

If you need to transport materials to storage while also taking care to store them at specific angles or in a certain way, then these attachment options can be a great choice and something that makes a big difference to how versatile the telehandler can be.

Standard Carriage

Simple floating and adjustable carriages that work well at max lift height, max forward reach, and any other mode of telehandler operation.

Side-Shift Carriage

These can adjust each arm by a max of ten degrees, allowing for precision load placement at max lift height.

Side-Tilt Carriage

These tilt loads to either side, making corrections at max lift height easier while also leading to excellent loader performance.

Swing Carriage

A system designed to help place loading materials into confined spaces, especially when near the max weight limit.

Dual Fork Positioning Carriage

A manually-adjustable pair of forks that can correct at max lift height or ensure excellent loader performance in awkward spaces.

Fork Attachments

While a fork and carriage attachment may seem similar, they are slightly different in a lot of subtle ways.

These are the other type that many telescopic handler models come with by default since they are a perfectly versatile option that serves multiple roles.

Pallet Forks

Pallet forks serve as a reliable way to move pallet materials from place to place, working with most pallet designs and often having at least a few adjustable elements.

These are a great baseline option for general-purpose telehandler use in a variety of situations.

As a replacement for conventional forklifts, these attachments can allow telescopic handlers to move pallets much higher, further, and into more confined spaces.

This extra reach and flexibility can make the pallet forks surprisingly versatile in the right situations.

Cubing Forks

Cubing forks are used to store cubed items, whether those are cubes of compressed recycled metal or blocks of brick.

These can sometimes also be used to lift up crates or boxes of raw materials, depending on their size, which can make these an incredibly useful storage option.

Lumber Forks

Lumber forks are perfect for moving longer materials, whether those are pieces of lumber and wood or slabs of raw material.

These forks are ideal for any situation where the items being moved are not completely square or where you need a larger surface area for greater stability.

Bucket Attachments

Bucket attachments are ideal for clean-up work but can also be used to move around items in a loose fashion or pick up a lot of small items in bulk that do not have their own container.

This is most often used for cleaning up, spreading out substances like gravel, or trying to level spaces.

As such, you can expect to see bucket attachments in a lot of construction or renovation jobs, as well as landscaping and certain industrial niches.

Material Buckets

Material buckets are a standard bucket shape, similar to those on digger vehicles (but without the capability to dig).

These are perfect for transporting loose materials or cleaning up messes on the job site and can also be used to lift larger individual items if needed.

Grapple Buckets

Grapple buckets use a swinging-down case to secure individual items, ensuring that larger debris does not slip out of the bucket.

This can be ideal for cleaning up a job site, but also makes the bucket more practical for general purposes if no other attachments are available.

Other Attachments

One of the biggest advantages of our telehandler options is that they can be incredibly versatile, with different attachments making it easy to adapt each unit to a given situation quite quickly.

This naturally means that some attachments are created for more specialised roles or to turn the telehandler into a new type of tool altogether.

Work Platforms

Telescopic handlers can be equipped with work platforms, allowing them to lift a small platform to let other workers do their job at a high height in relative safety.

This attachment can make a telescopic handler into a multi-roll working platform option, suitable for anything from repairs to manual storage of important materials.

Truss Booms

The truss boom attachment can help set trusses and wall sections during construction, allowing the telescopic handler to serve as a construction-focused vehicle first and foremost.

While specialised, this attachment is still very useful in specific industries.

Lifting Hooks

Lifting hooks provide a general-purpose transport method for all kinds of cargo and materials.

Anything that can be safely hooked onto the attachment can be raised up by the telehandler, allowing for easier storage with a more versatile piece of equipment.

These hooks can be ideal for any industry since they are versatile and generally do not rely on any bespoke hook attachment points.

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Telehandler Roles

Telehandlers are invaluable for a huge range of industries, providing the relatively rare ability to move heavy loads in very precise and controlled ways.

Using attachments and tool options, the same telehandler can be adapted to suit multiple purposes.

This means that a single telehandler could be suitable for a dozen different roles as long as you have the attachment that you need to make it possible.


Telescopic handlers are perfect for storing items.

The high max lift height and max forward reach mean that they can provide a full reach range, allowing for much easier storage of items on high shelves or racks.

Alongside that, they can be equipped with attachments that cover all transport jobs, from serving as an emergency crane to a long-reach forklift.

This full reach and high transport capability mean that even a basic telescopic handler can become an invaluable part of an industrial storage site.


Powered access platforms provide the high lift height necessary to make the inspection of raised areas easy.

Thanks to the overall length of the boom on most of the latest machines (which translates to a higher overall height), these powered access platforms can be a vital part of identifying flaws in a structure or surface.


A telescopic handler can serve dozens of different uses when it comes to construction work.

Not only can a good telescopic handler provide the high max lift height to serve as a powered access platform, but the crane-like boom can transport vital equipment and materials.

In other cases, a telescopic handler may even be able to use its long reach to hold things in place while they are manually installed.


Like construction, a telescopic handler can be used for demolition work in a lot of creative ways.

This could include clearing sites of raised equipment like wall ventilation or providing the high max forward reach needed to use demolition equipment on a space’s ceiling.


Using a telescopic handler as a powered access platform is a great way to maintain a space where a good lift height and overall full reach matter: for example, warehouses with a high overall height in the main workspace.

Since a telescopic handler can also double as a crane and transport method, you can also use the telehandler to move heavier maintenance equipment around.


Like maintenance, the good lift height and the long reach of a telehandler make it invaluable for cleaning a tall or open space.


A telehandler is a great alternative to a crane and a good way to move limited loads around sites quickly.

While it may not be as good as a cargo vehicle, a good-width telehandler can move heavy loads around sites or perform short-term relocations of high-weight materials.

Telehandler Hire Costs Hoylake

Hiring a telehandler will cost a varying amount depending on what you are actually looking for.

Not only does each individual telescopic handler model have its own specifications, but sometimes you also need to consider attachments and additional options that may bump up the price.

Average Costs

Expect to pay around £250 to £500 each week for a telehandler on average. However, there are a lot of factors that can go into the exact price you end up having to pay.


The weight of the telescopic handler can play a part in its overall cost.

Overall Length

The overall length of your telescopic handler will impact the cost, especially for designs that can extend further.

Max Lift Height

The max lift height of the telehandler can sometimes be relevant to the price, especially with specialist models.

Maximum Loads and Weight Capacity

In a lot of cases, the weight capacity will also increase cost due to the bulkier and more durable telehandler models.


If you are getting any attachments with the telescopic handler, they can add to the cost, too.


The delivery costs depend on where you are getting your telehandler delivered to and how.


Usually, you will receive the telescopic handler already filled with fuel. However, you will often have to refill the telehandler before you return it.


Taking out insurance (often a good idea with telescopic handlers) is naturally going to add more to your overall costs.

Overall Length of Hire

Consider the overall length of your hire period. Shorter leases tend to cost more per day but less overall.


If you do not have a licensed telescopic handler operator, then you will usually need to hire one, which obviously adds a new set of costs.

Benefits of a Telehandler

A telehandler in Hoylake is more than just a loading tool. It can serve a huge range of roles in almost any space where it is required.

However, as a whole, a telescopic handler can also bring a range of core benefits to the table that make it worth using in a wide range of situations. This includes:

Increased Overall Height

Telescopic handlers tend to boast a better lift height max compared to other tools.

Not only can they provide a greater overall height, but their max lift height tends to allow for ease of use even at full reach.

This means that a telescopic handler at max lift height can be used for loading, storage, transport, and countless other roles without that overall height causing any problems.

Better Overall Length

The high max lift height also translates to greater overall length, letting a telescopic handler work in very horizontal spaces too.

The lift height and length both provide a great range of options at full reach, making the telescopic handler even more practical for various purposes.

Stability at High Lift Height

Like many boom designs, a telehandler has the width and weight control to work on all sites.

Its solid weight and good width also mean that most models can work perfectly fine, even at max lift height.

This allows a max lift height telehandler to be used as a powered access platform comfortably or to transport heavy items without issue.

Max Weight Limits

Good max weight limits, along with the max lift height, provide excellent durability and practicality across all sites.

The higher max weight means that the telehandler can lift high-weight cargos and material, even at full reach length.

Max Forward Reach

Being able to bend the telehandler boom means that the high overall height and max lift height can be used to bolster the max forward reach.

With this, a single telehandler can provide enough max forward reach to cover a wide area at varying angles or even serve as a crane.

Telehandler Hire Duration Hoylake

Our telescopic handler options can be hired out for a range of durations.

We focus on a week-by-week basis first and foremost. However, in many cases, one week will not be enough.

Our experts can handle week-by-week telehandler hires or multi-week/monthly hires, depending on your needs.

Week Hire

A lot of our hire options are done week-by-week. For example, using £250 as a week average:

Of course, this is just an average based on previous week-long hires.

The week hire cost of a telescopic handler varies depending on the model.

Hire Periods

We can offer hire for a custom length of time or week-by-week hire as needed.

A week hire is not always enough. A single-week hire might become a multi-week hire or even a length that requires week-by-week renewal.

Talk with us to discuss week hire options or other hire length requirements.

Hiring Options

We can discuss the week-by-week hire with you, but our hiring options are also varied.

Length of hire might impact things like maintenance schedules. We work with our clients to resolve these issues, regardless of hire length.

Nationwide Telehandler Hire and Delivery

We provide delivery all across the UK including Hoylake, aiming to have our telehandlers delivered within the week whenever possible.

Contact us if you want to discuss delivery to specific sites or spaces. We will always do our best to provide same-week delivery.

Week-by-Week Hire

Our week-to-week hire options are all delivered just as quickly as longer-length hires.

We do not treat a one-week hire any less seriously than a long-length hire.

Max Hire Periods

A max week hire limit is not usually something we like to employ.

However, like any week-by-week hire, sometimes a max week limit is required.

We work with clients to ensure that they get the week-by-week hire they need, even if that means switching their first-week handler for another model in the following week.

What do you look for in a telehandler?

If you are interested in a telescopic handler, there are some factors that matter more than others.

Max Lift Height

Max lift height dictates how high the unit can lift something.

Max lift height can be impacted by weight and heavy loads. Over loading a telehandler can reduce practical max lift height.

However, knowing the total max lift height is important for knowing how high the unit can lift something as a whole.

Max Lift Height (as a platform)

As a platform, max lift height is important for user safety.

Managing max lift height with safe working heights is important to protect employees.

Max Forward Reach

Max forward reach dictates the total boom reach.

High max forward reach is good for open spaces where reach width is more important than lift height.

Depending on the design, max lift height and max forward reach influence one another.

Max Forward Reach (as a platform)

Max forward reach matters in a working platform.

Without good max forward reach, it becomes harder to reach raised surfaces from a distance.

However, again, max forward reach needs to be managed for safety reasons.

Too much max forward reach with no support can make a high lift height platform less stable.

Overall Height

The height of the unit itself matters in cramped spaces.

Excellent loader performance is hard to achieve if the boom is cramped into a tight area.

Overall Height (as a platform)

A high height puts platform users in danger of hitting the ceiling and being hurt.

Lower-headroom sites need to be prepared before the use of a platform like this.

Weight Limit

A high weight limit prevents the unit from breaking under excessive weight.

Weight Limit (as a platform)

Platforms need to be designed to handle at least one person’s weight.

They also need to be able to lift any equipment that a worker is bringing with them.

Lift Speed

The speed the unit reaches its max lift height matters.

High max lift speed makes it faster, but slow lift speed makes it safer.

Understanding the ideal lift speed for each situation is important.

Lift Speed (as a platform)

Remember that a trained operator can often control the lift speed to an artificial max for safety reasons.

This means that platforms can be kept at below-max speed for max user safety.


Width (including adjustable max width) makes a difference.

Better width means more stability when trying to load or transport objects.

Good width can also prevent items from falling if the unit is bumped.

Width (as a platform)

A platform needs enough width to support at least one human and their gear.

Good width means more safety. High width can also translate to better carrying capacity.

Excellent Loader Performance

Achieving excellent loader performance is important, no matter the situation.

Better performance means greater safety and more desirable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you control a telehandler?

A telehandler of any size, width and power generally requires a licensed operator.

To get excellent loader performance, a well-trained operator is best.

What is another name for a telehandler?

Telehandlers are also called lulls, telescopic handlers, reach forklifts and zoom booms.

What can a telehandler lift?

Telescopic handlers are used to lift pallets, blocks, timber, piping, packaged items, and so on.

These units can lift anywhere between 4,400 lbs and 12,000 lbs.

The max capacity of each unit is important.

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Whether you want a one-week hire or a week-by-week telescopic handler, we can provide the best models for your needs.

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Here are some towns we cover near Hoylake.

West Kirby, Wallasey, Heswall, Birkenhead, Liverpool
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We absolutely love the service provided. Their approach is really friendly but professional. We went out to five different companies and found Telehandler Hire to be value for money and their service was by far the best. Thank you for your really awesome work, we will definitely be returning!

Adam Poole

We have used Telehandler Hire for many years as they are certainly the best in the UK. The attention to detail and professional setup is what makes this company our go-to company for all our work. I highly recommend the team for the immense work - we highly recommend them!

Kieran Hughes

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